The Human Performance Project

Bridging the gap between world class performance and cutting edge science to help you develop your unique Human Performance Equation.


the Foundation


We are all capable of world class performance.

The Human Performance Foundation is a tool you'll use for the rest of your life.

It will provide you with a structured framework for thinking about the ingredients that need to be present everyday for you to be living at your very best. 


What People Are Saying

The Human Performance Foundation is a beautifully detailed model. I learned so much about deep focus, setting deep priorities, and not being afraid to fail.
— Helena Bianchi, Holistic Health Coach

the Lab


Architect your Human Performance Equation

Once the foundation is in place it's time to dive head first into the deep end to architect your unique human performance equation. 

Get ready to be immersed in 5 pillars of human performance facilitated by world class practioners. You will take away the knowledge to define and incorporate each into the new version of yourself. 

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What People Are Saying

The Zen Master Module was great. I loved the balance between scientific data and practice.
— Marie, Human Performance Lab attendee

Meet the Founder

Meet Tyrell Mara. An elite level athlete currently training for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and a passionate corporate leader.

Tyrell's mission in life is to empower individuals to be better humans, leaders, and come together as intrinsically inspired super teams. 

Tyrell Mara - Human Performance Project Founder

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